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Call Mr. GZ Bail Bonds now for your New Jersey Bail needs. We not only cover you with Mount Holly Bail Bonds, but also for Burlington County Bail, Camden County Bail, Gloucester County Bail, and Atlantic County Bail. We are the answer to bail bonds in New Jersey, specializing in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Atlantic counties.

We also can assist you in other states and localities through our network of agents throughout the state and nation. We provide fast, reliable, personal, confidential bail bond consultation and bail bonding service. Our professionals will provide you with professional bond services on the phone, at your home, county sheriff departments, city police departments, and county jails. Whether it is in Mount Holly, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, or Atlantic County give us a call immediately.

For most people it's a stressful time when you have to get a loved one or personal friend out of jail. We understand the stress and potential awkwardness of the situation. We are here to assist you and your loved ones in your time of need. Most people do not know what needs to be done when an individual has been arrested, especially if a request to release them on bail is involved. Let us guide you through the process to make it as painless as possible. We treat all of our clients with respect and integrity, just like they deserve to be treated.

The first step in the process is arrest and booking, in most cases arrest processing will be handled at the police station. After processing, the accused can be held at the police station or transferred to the county jail. Bail set and/or first appearance is the next step. New Jersey law requires the setting of bail within 12 hours of booking. Only in the most series cases will bail potentially be denied. Once the judge sets bail, it may be posted either in cash or by using a licensed bail bondsman. The bondsman will charge 10% of the face value amount of the bond which is to be posted. Next, post bond occurs. Once the bondsman has met with the indemnitor(s), also known as the cosigner, who will cosign the bond, the bondsman will post the bond with the police department or jail. Within hours your loved one is released from custody. The final step is appearance. Once released the accused is “free on bail,” while awaiting their appearance in court. Once the accused has appeared in court and their case adjudicated, the bond is then “exonerated” by the court and the responsibilities of the indemnitor are then fulfilled.

At Mr. GZ Bail Bonds, our knowledgeable representatives are available 24 hours a day to explain the steps involved in the bail process and to discuss any related issues with you. We will take you through the process so you don't feel like you are going through the legal system by yourself. We offer you fast and confidential bail bonding services in Central New Jersey through our local office, or we can use our nationwide network of agents in other cities.

Once the bond has been posted the amount of time it takes for the defendant to be released from jail varies from county to county. Some jurisdictions will release the person immediately, while others could take up to 24 hours. We have no control over the time for release; it is entirely up to the jail and their staff.

Mr. GZ Bail Bonds is a professional bail bond company that takes pride in the way we conduct our business and how we treat our clients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of ethics and professional conduct in an industry that at times is full of unprofessional agents. We look forward to assisting you in your time of need and stress. Please call us today at 856-261-9004.

Jonathan Galea

NJ Bail Bonds 
Our Mission
To provide bail for the accused and their families with prompt, professional, courteous service during their time of crisis.
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